Week 5 digital media

This week’s digital media lecture  we have learned about some historical art movements in the late 19th and early 20th century. I found it quite interesting, as  history of art is not unknown to me.

Our teacher Fleeta, mentioned us some information about Dadaism, Futurism and Bauhaus. I did some research in this topic because I wanted to know  more, about these movements.


was an art movement in the early 20th century, and it was part of the European Avant-garde. ‘Dada activities included public gatherings, demonstrations, and publication of art/literary journals; passionate coverage of art, politics, and culture were topics often discussed in a variety of media.’





‘was an artistic and social movement that originated in Italy in the early 20th century.’

It emphasized speed, technology, youth and violence and objects such as the car, the aeroplane and the industrial city. It was largely an Italian phenomenon, though there were parallel movements in Russia, England and elsewhere.

One of the most famous futurist artists was Giacomo Balla, who was born in 1871. He was an art teacher, a painter and a poet. In his art he created a pictorial depiction of light, movement and speed.

If you want to find out more about futurism:


or Giacomo Balla:



Giacomo Balla, Abstract Speed and Sound, 1913-14



On this lecture pictures about typefaces, and experimental typography were also shown. We have  talked about different posters, too.

Typography is often thought of in its practical form, as text on a web page or printed material.
A designer may look at typography in the way that it will impact their design, considering aspects such as spacing, leading, weight and size.’





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